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New England Manufacturing Plant Undergoes Transformation

New Hampshire

What Did We Get Ourselves Into?

There is no getting around it, this was one big job. The scope of the project included cleaning, scraping, priming, and painting the concrete (CMU) walls, metal doors and frames, and bollards, as well as applying safety colors to the plant's sprinkler and gas pipes. As you can see from the images below, there was a considerable amount of prep work that needed to be accomplished to ensure that the job was done right.

We Were Up To Challenge

Working with the plant's safety team and representatives from Great Lakes Laboratories, it was agreed that the best and safest way to clean the interior was with Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner. After applying a small test sample, everyone involved was pleased to discover that not only did this cleaner have no adverse chemical reaction, but it also was very effective in removing the residue from the walls. Once cleaned, we continued working with safety staff to test samples of the primer and the high-performance finish coats before applying to the prepared substrates.
Cleaner, Brighter, Safer Results

After cleaning, priming and applying two coats of finish, the end result was a dramatically cleaner, brighter and safer interior. Because we were able to work hand-in-hand with the plant's safety team, as well as the companies that supplied the products being used, this project was completed with zero impact on the customer and their employees.

Materials Used
Cleaner: Great Lakes Labs Extra Muscle Prepaint Cleaner
Primer: Macropoxy® 920 PrePrime Rust Penetrating Epoxy Pre-Primer
Finish: Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy

New England Manufacturing Plant Undergoes Transformation


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