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PAL Painting & Construction Services - FAQs

Do you paint interior and exterior? - Yes, we have completed a wide variety of interior and exterior services for our clients including painting, coverings, and coatings. Our attention to detail and surface preparation on both interior and exterior surfaces is second to none.

Do you do floor coatings? - Yes, we provide high build epoxy floor coatings to commercial buildings and industrial facilities throughout New England. When it comes to floor coverings our mantra is "Surface preparation, surface preparation, surface preparation" because a coating is only as good as its bond to the substrate its applied to.

Do you paint equipment? - Yes, PAL Painting can present equipment painting options with industrial coatings that will make your equipment more durable and attractive, and save you money. Since replacing equipment in an industrial facility is not always in the budget, cleaning and painting equipment is often the more prudent option.

What is your geographic area? - We are available to provide our services to commercial and industrial businesses throughout New England. From Boston to Bangor, from the shores of Lake Champlain to Narraganset Bay, and everywhere in between - if you're looking for the highest level of painting services for your business, PAL has you covered.

Are you a residential painting company? - No, PAL provides painting service to commercial and industrial clients throughout New England. We do not offer painting services for personal property or private homes.

Is PAL Painting an open shop? - Yes, PAL Painting is an open shop - to work at our company, employees are not required to be members of a labor union. Employment in the labor marketplace, generally, falls into two categories - open shops (also known as merit shops or non-union shops), in which employees are not required to be union members; and union shops, in which employees must be dues-paying members of a labor union. 


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