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Manufacturing Facility Receives a Dramatic Renovation

New Hampshire

Dramatic Renovation of Under-Utilized Space

In the Spring of 2017, the owner of a growing southern New Hampshire manufacturing facility needed to restore the interior of a building that hadn't been updated in many years and they hired PAL Painting to do the job. The result was a dramatic renovation of a previously under-utilized space that is now being used by the client's workforce as part of the company's expansion of the manufacturing capabilities at the site.
Working under a tight schedule, the team prepared, primed, and painted the walls, ceilings, pipes, and columns throughout the facility - renovating multiple substrates such as wood, metal, and concrete - while working simultaneously with other tradesmen in the space, including electricians and sprinkler system technicians.

Ceiling Gets Facelift and Piping is Made Compliant

One key aspect of the renovation involved using high-end finish products to renovate the building's aging wooden ceiling that had not been treated or painting for many years. For this part of the upgrade, the client requested abrasion-resistant coatings. To accommodate this, the team used Sherwin Williams ProBlock Primer and PreCatalyzed Epoxy, which were applied to establish an abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant surface on the ceiling.
PAL Painting was also tasked with painting the sprinkler system pipes as well as the compressed air pipes located along the ceiling and, to be in compliance with OSHA regulations, all of the sprinkler piping was painted red and the compressed air piping was painted blue.
When the project was complete, the client was impressed with the very notable transformation of the space, as well as the speed and efficiency with which the job was carried out. To accommodate their growing business, the manufacturer began utilizing the space at the conclusion of the renovation and the work being done there now was made possible by PAL Painting's expedited upgrade to the facility.
Materials Used

  • Primer phase: Sherwin Williams ProBlock Primer and Loxon
  • Finish phase: Sherwin Williams PreCatalyzed Epoxy and DTM
Manufacturing Facility Receives a Dramatic Renovation


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